The Unchallenged Pioneer in Higher Education

We are the 1st Private Sector ICT training Institute in Sri Lanka. Established in 1974 IDM is known as the “Nations ICT Academy” in the industry. Having our presence in the industry as a training partner to all sectors, IDM has been able to cater to the needs in higher education, whether it be absolute beginners or professionals seeking skills training.

Excellence and Experience in Education

The 4 decades of experience we carry along with us in the higher education sector, especially in ICT, headed by a very senior leadership. We employ some of the most experienced people in the industry. Our trainers have trained people from all walks, produced thousands of professionals, setting benchmarks in the industry. We consider this as one of our core strengths in the training sector.

Delivered Locally, Recognized Globally

We are the 1st in Sri Lanka to Introduce Certain Foreign Qualifications including, British Computer Society (BCS), Australian Computer Society (ACS), Pearson EDEXCEL and NCC Education – UK. Having closely worked with the industry, and bringing in global education to local students, IDM has pioneered the way forward in getting international recognition to talented students of Sri Lanka.

Bridging Dreams and Realities

We have awarded degrees and masters qualifications to over 10,000 students and over 400,000 students have obtained certificate and diploma qualifications from IDM, making an immense contribution to the Global Knowledge Based work force. IDM has produced numerous professionals who are occupying key positions in many multi-national companies. We strongly believe that our strong alumnus has always been our strength.

Student Centered Learning Environment with Latest Facilities

We strongly believe in empowering our students to become lifelong self learners, promoting autonomy, decision making and creative thinking. Our class rooms are setup in such a way to provide a Student Centered Learning Environment. Equipped with the latest facilities necessary for academic work, we also provide an online learning environment for our students.

Developing Skill, Personality and Character

Closely working with the students, we help them to develop their Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills to equip our students to become world class professionals. We always believe that a balanced person will make an all-round professional, going along with this we at IDM provides the student with necessary facilities to enjoy a great student life. Our annual student events include; Sport and Cricket Carnival, Annual Badminton encounter, HND get-together, Talent Search and many more.

Career Guidance and Job Placement Support

At IDM Students are recruited to Professional, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs according to their skills and professional desires. We guide them to take up relevant local and/or international programs, with the objective of making them World Class Professionals. Our students are also provided with the opportunity to obtain internships with leading business organizations in the capital city and though out the island.

High return, Low Investment

Our cost pricing is set at an affordable level to the target market. We strongly believe in providing our students and clients with the highest possible return for their investment through high standard and globally recognized qualifications. We offer the lowest registration fees and monthly course fees in the industry. In addition flexible, easy payments terms and bank facilities are also available through our banking partners.